World as Will

Many of my friends have a strong will, they are creative, create, make, act, do… They confront the world with their own will and add themselves or refuse to accept it as it is. This generates creativity, change. It is the power of Shakti, the creative energy of the universe.

I am different, I observe, try to understand the world as it is. I don’t want to change it, even though I see a lot of suffering and injustice, I observe, I listen…. It seems to me that everything is a question of perspective. To change one’s own location means to see things differently, I don’t have the urge to change the world. A work of art, a cultural configuration, a temple, a birthday party, a planned vacation, a project idea… all these are things that I see, I like to participate, also help and contribute. But I don’t have this urge to create, and I always wonder why that is. Is there something missing in me? Do I have no driving force in me, no will to create?

It seems to me that my way of shaping is in meditation, it is the way I change my own perception, change my perspective, see the world differently, focus on another aspect. Now is this a form of passivity, of procrastination, or a form of reflection, a power of consciousness, a manifestation of the mind?

The world needs different perspectives of a consciousness that holds it together, literally. It is the writers who create worlds. Writer is a beautiful German word, for its root means someone who with writing places, puts or represents, sets up and puts down, insinuates, contrasts. In the act of writing, of writing, a world is produced that does not attempt to change the world itself. The posed writing, a text can change the world if it is read and inspires action, but the text in itself is pure consciousness, the writing merely the medium, it can be conditionally translated and transcribed, set to music, or illustrated… (This paragraph is mistranslated by Google translate)

A contemplative consciousness, in concentration and meditation is a kind of writing.

Greetings to Kafka

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