For several weeks now, I have been living with a neurotic dog. She barked a lot, as long as she still perceived me as a stranger. She kept her distance, was frightened. After a few weeks, she accepted me, approaches and wants to be petted. Now she lies in front of my door and keeps […]

The West as a Stranger

It is so beautiful and also so sad to live in a world that sees the West as foreign. I take this perspective more and more and don’t understand much anymore. The obsession with career, comfort, security, prosperity, accuracy, correctness, know-it-all attitude and arrogance, ignorance and intolerance. All this becomes clearer, it becomes almost evident. […]

Free will

In the western analytic-modern theories of consciousness, i.e. those which understand themselves as empirical-scientific, a correlation between matter and consciousness is always assumed. This is relatively undisputed in itself, since actually the very most thought buildings assume it. Birth and death mark the corner points of this correlation. Now the question arises, how does this […]

Conersations with AI: David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Abhinavagupta, Bharata Muni, Zeami Motokiyo, Gilles Deleuze and a Brahman priest on art

The series of conversations with AI is unedited, it is the machine speaking (ChatGPT4.0) … prompt: please write a conversation between David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Abhinavagupta, Bharata Muni, Zeami Motokiyo, Gilles Deleuze and a Brahman priest. Start with the question of: What is taste? ChatGPT Setting: A serene garden with a round table at its […]


Experiencing a culture shock in Chicago after coming from India, where the ancient wisdom of the Vedas is still alive. Exploring the contrast between consciousness and matter, and the search for a place to dwell. Reflecting on the extremes and values of modernity in the USA.

World as Will

Many of my friends have a strong will, they are creative, create, make, act, do… They confront the world with their own will and add themselves or refuse to accept it as it is. This generates creativity, change. It is the power of Shakti, the creative energy of the universe. I am different, I observe, […]

Dance-Film Festival: Exploring the Manifestation of a New Genre in Pondicherry

Discover the transformative power of dance in the Dance-film Festival Manifest. Join us from July 28-30, 2023 at the Alliance Française in Pondicherry. Explore the intersection of dance and film with 40 captivating short films and live performances. Dive into the complexities of expression and experience the art of movement like never before. Don’t miss this unique event that challenges traditional genres and showcases the beauty of dance.

Sacred Spaces: Exploring Churches, Temples, and Spiritual Reflection

Explore the concept of sacred space and its manifestations in churches, temples, and spirituality across Europe, Egypt, and India. Discover the unique qualities and experiences each offers, from contemplation and silence in Catholic churches to the living tradition and activation of the holistic self in Indian temples. Temples, in particular, are seen as personal universities of life, reflecting a holistic knowledge that synthesizes various forms of existence and understanding.

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